When was the last time you had trouble talking to someone about a subject that really interested you?

I'll bet you had no problem at all. In fact, the other person probably had to come up with an emergency just to
get away from you.

Writing can be just as easy as talking.

Think about it. When you chat with a friend you are relaxed and you just let the conversation flow. You tell your
friend all the exciting and interesting events in your life. And, because you are enthusiastic in the telling, you
compel your friend’s interest.

I believe the same is true of good business writing. Basically, you are just chatting with one of your friends
except, in this case, you have a sore throat and are forced to write everything down. Unlike spoken
conversations, you won't be able to butt in whenever you want, but you usually have the reader’s undivided

Throughout this report I will show you all sorts of tips and tricks to make writing easier for you and enjoyable
and informative reading for your audience.

Remember, for most people, a brochure or ad, in other words something in writing (just like this message) is the
first thing a potential client will see.

But, just like anything else you want to do well, you will have to practice to get better. Repetition is the mother of
skill. So let's spend less time saying hello here in the introduction and let's get down to the basics of writing.
A brief excerpt from the Introduction to:
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