A Back Handspring! To make the gymnastics team or the cheerleading squad you must have a back

BACK HANDSPRINGS: THE SECRET TECHNIQUES uncovers the easy-to-learn drills to safely and
successfully learning a back handspring.

Heads will turn and crowds will cheer when you tumble across the floor with high-speed, explosive back
handsprings! This book contains valuable resources, techniques, and illustrations gathered from master
coaches over the past thirty years including suggestions for improvement, that lead to more advanced
tumbling skills.

Gymnastics coach and author, Rik Feeney, teaches you the secret techniques with easy-to-learn drills that will
have you flipping over backwards in no time at all – SAFELY!

Imagine walking the halls of your school representing your cheer squad or standing on the winning platform at
a gymnastics meet. It can happen to you, and sooner than you think. What are you waiting for? Get this book
now, before they run out!
“It seems like you have covered the A-Zs of the back handspring, and as a proponent of a basics first
philosophy, I find this particular lesson on the progressions of a proper back handspring to be right on point.

All too often, important steps are bypassed or trivialized, which in turn leads to an unstable "basics"
foundation and eventual failure to master the skill itself. Rik Feeney's “Back Handsprings: The Secret
Techniques" is a blueprint for success when dealing with this complex skill.”

John Geddert
Region 5 Junior Olympic Program Chairperson
Twistars USA Gymnastics Club

“The book is great! I KNOW it will be a huge success. I think you teach perfect technique – maybe a few too
many limber drills for my taste (we are not big limber people especially in cheer) but your section on the
round off is the real key to this amazing work. Most people just don't understand the importance of the round
off, but you did a wonderful job making it easy to understand. Every coach, athlete, parent and teacher
needs to read this as soon as possible – it WILL help make a difference.”

Cheryl Jarrett
Region 3 Junior Olympic Program Committee -
Capital Gymnastics, Austin, TX - http://www.capgym.com
Gymnastics Association of Texas - (Director of Education)

"Rik Feeney has explained how to do the back handspring with humor, excellent diagrams, and detailed
drills for anyone interested in an easy method to achieve this important skill.  I highly recommend it for

Patti Komara
Tumblebear Gym Program

“I think this book is great for the children who want to learn a back handspring, for their parents so they
understand that getting a back handspring takes time, not magic, and for coaches to refresh their arsenal of

Wendy Bruce
1989 World Championship Team Member
Member of the 1992 US Olympic Gymnastics,
Bronze-medal winning team.

“This is one of the best resources I've read on Back Handsprings and Round Offs yet. This book is definitely
an asset to the gymnastics community.

Your secret techniques for Back Handsprings are well-written and illustrated.  Novice coaches, experienced
coaches, parents, and athletes will find this book extremely helpful and educational.  You covered
everything from basic safety to training methods, locomotor drills, and progressions leading up to the back
handspring.  Everything someone would want to know about Back Handsprings is covered in this book.  

Most of all, I enjoyed the section on Round Offs.  I know from experience how important it is to learn a Round
Off the proper way.  I have a daughter who is an International Elite that struggled with her Round Off all the
way to her Elite status.  After reading this book she said, "I wish you had this book for me years ago."  

I highly recommend this book, and I intend to recommend it to as many gyms, athletes, coaches, and
parents as possible.  Anyone reading this book will definitely be acquainted with and educated on Back
Handsprings and Round Offs.  

Continued Success!!!  Please don't stop here... I will be looking for more from you in the future!!”

Donna Ranzy
"Coach" and Parent
and future Gym Owner

“I am admittedly not an authority on gymnastics. But it is clear Feeney put a lot of effort and love into this
book. Back Handsprings is written at a level that is easy enough for young students to understand but filled
with enough detail and expertise to be useful for coaches and other professionals.

Feeney also understandably pays a lot of attention to safety.

“Safety is the first and main consideration when training any acrobatic or athletic skill – ALWAYS!” he writes.

This is no dry textbook. Feeney, who is a hoot in person, generously sprinkles humor throughout the book.
He avoids lecturing but lets students know there is no shortcut to performing this or other skills. He
emphasizes the need for conditioning and practice under the eyes of trained professionals.

Back Handsprings is easy to read, chocked full of illustrations and includes a comprehensive glossary of
gymnastics terms. In short, Feeney has written a book that is a must-read for gymnasts, cheerleaders, their
parents and coaches.”

Doris Bloodsworth
former reporter with “The Wall Street Journal” & “The Orlando Sentinel”
Pulitzer Prize nominee
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