How do you tell the difference between a gymnastics coach who was run over by a car, and a
gymnastics judge who was run over by a car?

Answer: There are skid marks in front of the coach!

What the ...?

Not exactly the introduction you were expecting? Good, because one of the keys to being creative and exciting
is to do the unexpected.

Throughout this book I plan to present several ideas that are a little “off the wall.” The purpose of this book is
not to give you a series of pre-written lesson plans that you can copy and use in your classes in a robotic
fashion, but rather to show you how to be creative and exciting with what you already know.

(How can you teach what you don’t know?)

How we teach is just as important as what we teach, but are we really teaching?

The basics are definitely key ingredients in any lesson plan, as are appropriate progressions from one skill
level to the next. But, are we really teaching? I have witnessed several quality instructors bore their students
and literally burn themselves out by repeating a set series of lesson plans over and over.

I have heard instructors qualify these actions by saying they were looking out for the safety of their students, or
they take a purist attitude and state that “basics” must be the focus of every class.

That may be true, but at the same time this style of teaching guarantees they will not be teaching the same
students for long. Bored students will drop out of the program for more exciting activities...
"...once we get the children in the gym, the next step Is keeping them.  As owners and/or program directors,
we need to constantly update and replenish our supply of information.  In Rik's book you will undoubtedly
come across new ideas, as well as a possible approach to your present class structure.  As an advocate of
scheduling and weekly plans, I recommend this book to help stimulate you into this next era of gymnastics."

Tony Gehman
This book shows every instructor how to put together exciting
lesson plans.  Once you get enthusiastic coaches, you get great
classes.  Great classes are the key to retaining and building your
enrollment.  Make sure your classes are fun and exciting.  
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