This book has the least words of any book that I have done, but it took the longest to complete.  The words
were easy; putting together fifty forms took quite some time though.  In fact, it took almost two decades to
compile all the different forms I have in this book.  Throughout my years as gymnast, coach, and club owner I
had the fortunate tendency to keep copies of everything I created for my gymnastics business.

While sorting my files I came across a stack of these forms.  Realizing that tracking results (I.E. attendance,
payments, skill progression, workout planning, meet results, etc.) is one of the most time consuming tasks in
running a business, I decided to format all these forms onto one CD.  Surprisingly, I had quite a few which
covered several aspects of the sport of gymnastics.

I am a quasi-perfectionist (someday I hope to be cured).  I believe that many club owners and coaches are
perfectionists also and would probably spend two to three hours on each form as I initially did.  When I get into
a project for the gym I tend to overlook the time it takes, which is one of the reasons I don’t have time to stop
and smell the roses.

Time is money.  Every hour spent creating these forms cost something.  If I paid a staff member on an hourly
basis each form could have cost me upwards of $30 each.  My hope is that with this book I can save you a lot
of time and money.  Instead of having to create from scratch, you can take and use the forms created for this
book.  A little bit of correction fluid, or a few strokes from your keyboard, and viola!, a new form...

More than 50 forms covering everything from enrollment applications, class rosters, team attendance forms,
skill evaluations, safety awards, planning calendars you name it, its in there.  Talk about saving time?  Many
forms can be adapted simply by using correction fluid and inserting your own text.  Think of all the hours you
will save by not creating these forms from scratch.  
Excerpt from the Introduction to:
Gymnastics Business Forms
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