Imagine having all the articles, letters, progressions, and other related topics needed to communicate with
your staff, class, team gymnasts, parents, and community in general already written for you.

Imagine not having to sit down and create something out of thin air.  It's much easier to begin any project when
you have information at your fingertips.

Using the
GymText articles as a starting point, you can edit and place your club information into the article, or
you can modify the article by adding your own thoughts and ideas.  You may create a new article using the
GymText information as a jumping off point.  The possibilities are endless.
What is GymText?
Articles contained in GymText:
File # 1
Team tryouts
Accident report form
Advanced progressions
Apartment manager letter
Emergency contact and release
Bagging the butterflies
Beg letter
Club Brochure template #1
Club brochure template # 2
Brochure / flyer ad copy
(The) Coach isn't fair!
(The) Coaches meeting (pre-meet)

File #2
Competition guidelines for coaches
Controlled tumbling circuit
Creating a press release
Emergency action plans
Exhibition checklist
Finding great coaches
Advanced beginner progressions
Flexibility news release
Front desk responsibilities
Get a grip on your rip
Gymnastics program outline
Homework and the gym
File #3
Hotel / motel guidelines (away meets)
Office supply list
Importance of strength
Information for emergency calls
Instructor job description
Intermediate gymnastics progressions
Interview questions
Introductory class lesson plan
Is it okay to miss workout?
Is my child ready for the next level?
Job description outline
Letter to Daycare's

File #4
Letter to parents of preschoolers
Meet announcer's script
Meet expense sheet - coach
Meet press release
Importance of flexibility
(Birthday) Party ad copy
Phone: Information & Marketing Device
Programming our mental computers
Recreational Gymnastics Safety Award
Restaurant guidelines (away meets)
Safety landing drills
Sample employment agreement
File #5
Situation resolution / clarification
Sponsor letter
Beginner gymnastics progressions
Team coach job description
Team brochure
Thank you letter - sponsors
Travel rules (away meets)
Tumbling circuit
Vacation workout program
(The) Vital difference
What to look for in a competition
(How to) WIN in gymnastics!

Documents originally formatted
using MS Word 97 & MS Publisher
98.  Can be converted to text and
reformatted to your specifications.
A division of Richardson Publishing, Inc.
(PDF only.)