If someone were to ask me what I thought the single most important factor was in operating a gymnastics club, I would
have to say beyond a shadow of a doubt -people.
Specifically those people you employ to run the various aspects of your program.

Yet, when I talk to owners of different clubs they tend to go on about how much square footage they have in their gym,
how many pits, the new sets of bars, or maybe where they are located in town, or any of several other factors.

I rarely hear them talk about what great people they have working for them. In fact, several comments lead me to believe
that many gymnastics clubs have difficulty getting and
keeping quality gymnastics coaches and instructors.

I believe quality staff is more important than any other factor in creating a successful gymnastics program. It is the
common denominator.

I remember basic business and economic courses going over things like capital, raw materials, equipment, technology and

The success of your gymnastics program depends on the people you select for your staff.  Employ quality people and you
get a quality program.  Finding quality staff members is what this book is all about.  The job descriptions, interview
questions, and selection procedures in the book save you valuable time in the hiring process.  
Excerpt from the Introduction to:
How to Hire Great Coaches & Instructors.
A must for all club owners and managers.
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