Budgeting for the upcoming season is an important aspect for parents, club owners and coaches.  Entry
fees, travel expense, and fees for coaching rise to keep pace with the rest of society.  

The burden of payment usually rests with the parent, although significant costs are covered by club owners
who, more often than not, subsidize the cost of the higher level programs.

The solution many clubs have opted for is the development of Parent Booster Clubs whose primary purpose
is to raise funds to offset the cost of the competitive season.

The club owner and the needs of your situation may determine the structure and intent of your group.  Many
such organizations have opted for the benefit of incorporating as a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization.  The
ability to mention your tax-exempt status will encourage more donations from those individuals looking for
legitimate tax deductions...

The purpose of this report is to give you the coach (or parent) ideas how you can raise money for your
organization and where to go to find more information about fund raising concepts and techniques.

Learn where to solicit the big money, get volunteers for any project, and who to contact for more information
about fund raising concerns.  This report contains literally hundreds of project ideas you can use to raise
money for your organization.
Excerpt from the Introduction to:
Raising Funds for the Team / Squad
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